The perfect nutritious snack with big taste and crunch. Easy, convenient and fun to eat.


Hemp seeds*, cacao*, coconut oil*, maple syrup*, raisins*, dates*, coconut flakes*, chia seeds*, lemon*, cinnamon*, vanilla*, salt.

*Organic Ingredients

Nutrition Highlights

Per 2 pieces or 30 g serving:

nutritionalinfo-cacaoheaven-01 Just 130 calories
nutritionalinfo-cacaoheaven-02 2 g of fibre, 8% of daily recommended value
nutritionalinfo-cacaoheaven-03 An excellent source of protein
nutritionalinfo-cacaoheaven-04 An excellent source of iron with 10% of daily recommended value
nutritionalinfo-cacaoheaven-05 An excellent source of magnesium with 25% of daily recommended value

  • Gluten Free
  • Gluten Free
  • RAW
  • Vegan
  • U
  • U
  • Non GMO
  • Pro-Cert